Benefits @ AT

Share schemes

Our employees are an important part of the company and each one an important part of the puzzle. Thus each owns a part of the organisation also. Company allocate shares annually through its DFSS scheme. Seriously, when you join us irrespective of the role, you become a shareholder. For the first three years we'll hold your shares in a trust (but pay you a dividend when the company does well). After that, you're welcome to sell them if you would like to- It’s our way of saying Thank you!

Ministry of Health

Run by the HR team, the Ministry of Health (MOH) aims to, “help make Admiral staff happier and healthier.” The MOH provides lots of useful advice to help you learn how to improve your health and fitness, including advice on stopping smoking, nutrition, exercise, mental health, stress and general well-being. We currently supply fresh fruit and gym passes for employees as part of the programme.

Ministry of Fun

The Ministry of Fun (MOF) operates throughout Admiral Technologies, run by the HR team, organising weird and wonderful events for you to take part in. Each month a different department takes responsibility for organising particular days for team managers to dress in some FUN --stastic and odd outfits & competitions. This year we are intending to have skirt days & egg roulettes to name a few. What else will we get up to this year?

Annual Awards

In Admiral, there can never be enough awards, we always hire stars and always believe in appreciating them. The Annual Awards takes place with team members being recognized for their hard work throughout the previous year. Each Award reflects the skills and attributes we look for in our employees. The awards have been running since 2010, when Gaurav Kumar gave away the awards to deserving members of the team.

Training Programs

At Admiral Technologies we believe that well trained team member are more motivated, provide better customer support and are happier in their job. In order for you to do a great job, no matter where you work within the company it is important you know what learning opportunities exist and what our commitment is. Depending on which department you join you may expect anything from a few days of training up to 6 weeks of training. You can expect to be provided with appropriate training for the role you have. Our commitment to your development doesn’t end so regardless of how long you have been here there are still opportunities to learn and develop yourself.

Mediclaim policy

With the ever increasing cost medical plans, Admiral Technologies offers employee driven health covers that include coverage from day 1 of joining Admiral technologies & preventive care and education at a cost sharing basis between employee & the company. The plan includes not just your immediate family but also your parents. You have the opportunity to purchase additional coverage.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance which pays a lump sum benefit ( 7 times the annual salary) , should an employee die whilst in employment with the organisation. It is central to the employee benefits package at Admiral Technologies as it provides peace of mind for our employees and their families. Additional benefits includes Employee Assistance Programme and Bereavement Services.

Gratuity Scheme

Gratuity is a lump sum payment made to the employees based on the duration of their uninterrupted service tenure. We have a grauity fund as it a form of gratitude provided to the employees in monetary terms for the faith they have reposed on the company.

Travel Without Worries

With international opportunities abound, team members at Admiral Technologies are required and provided with a comprehensive travel insurances for a stress free travel. The coverage’s include 24 hours emergency support, personal accident cover and medical expense cover.

Travel Holidays

Planning a trip to the hills or the beach? Admiral employees are encouraged to maintain a work life balance and take holidays. We belive that In this endeavour , the company provides annual leaves for the employees and mandates a minimum of 7 leaves each year to every team member.

Buy a book scheme

You can purchase books that will help you develop in your role at Admiral Technologies and Henry will pay for them through his Buy a Book Scheme.

International Opportunities

We partner with our clients to create products which for the best customer experience. To meet this end, the company encourages team members to travel for business meetings and trainings to the the client site.

Cab facility

Worried about the toll plaza or horrified by the traffic mess? You need not worry. Admiral Technologies will take away all that worrying and offer you with high tech, low impact employee shuttles to ferry you between your home and office. The cabs provide clean and air conditioned rides along with real time location information. In addition to this, its without any charge!

Fun budget

As part of the Ministry of Fun (MOF), the funding comes directly from the company. The budget is available from the Finance Department, and your team manager can request cash to either spend or reimburse. But remember, receipts are essential. The MOF does not have to be competitive. We can have theme days that don't involve prizes, wandering magicians, fortune-tellers, musicians etc. You could plan aways for your team and plan activities accordingly.