Work Culture

Our Equality

Equality in our context is trying to remove the often painfully obvious divisions between groups of people. As a group philosphy, each & every team member represents an equally important piece of the jigsaw.


We try to provide open and honest 2 way communication with plenty of opportunities for employee to share their ideas, voice their concern or ask questions.Communication tools being used by us includes monthly newsletter, town halls, staff surveys, Admiral TV and news round.

We take

Fun is the most important ingredient of daily work & in order to ensure same, Ministry of Fun has been set up. We organizes team competitions, theme days, group parties, entertainment actvities & much more. We have TVs on the floors to ensure light workstation enviornment.

Awards and Recognitions

We believe in appreciating and recognizing the accomplishments achieved through the hard work of team members. Apart from sharing the business profits in form of group shares, we organizes events such as Star performer of the month & Annual awards to celebrate success of deserving individuals and teams.